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The Genesis Jumper is built with our unique panel system that moves with your horse, allowing full motion at the shoulder and through the lumbar spine. This frees the back to round, encouraging collection. The result is an extremely balanced ride for the horse and rider (no more fighting to maintain position). This saddle conforms to many different breeds and back shapes. Due to the orthopedic nature of these panels, no therapeutic pads are needed. The saddle is designed to conform to your horse's back, especially in motion. The result of this concept is no more sore shoulders or sore backs. Nor more pommel pads, riser pads or keyhole pads... ever. Our panels create a secure, balanced ride; eliminating the problems caused by traditional, over-stuffed panels that can be uneven. Hand stuffed panels, even from the best makers, can differ from side to side, causing twisting and shifting of the rider's weight. Over time this can create back problems for horses and riders alike.