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Alum-line Tack Trunk

Alum-line Tack Trunk
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Alum-line Tack Trunk
Beautiful heavy duty aluminum tack trunk with hinges for adding a lock. extremely durable and lightweight.
Cushioned seat with removable canvas cover. Perfect for monograming your ranch, farm or horse breed on.
Personalize it to your liking.

Since its beginning in 1986, Alum-Line has realized a steady growth in all aspects of its operation.

That growth continued last year as the Iowa firm reached $9.5 million in sales, a record year for the company.

To keep pace with the increased demand, Alum-Line has added additional manufacturing space 10 of the last 12 years to keep up with demand. Total "under roof" facilities are now at more than 90,000 square feet.

Alum-Line has its Corporate Headquarters on Highway 9 West in Cresco, Iowa, while Plant II is located in the Erickson Industrial Park, six blocks north of Highway 9. The firm also has a plant on Stock Avenue, about a block north of its headquarters building, and a shipping and receiving facility across the highway from the main office.

The increased sales of various Alum-Line products has been the result of adding more dealers. The total now surpasses 200 across the nation.


Owner Gary D. Gooder started the company in 1986 doing most of the work himself: building, marketing, and delivering tack boxes, hog panels, and pickup truck accessories.

Although the small livestock producers were the first key customer of Alum-Line, the company has diversified and has entered other areas of the marketplace. Some of those areas hold especially strong promise and include emergency and rescue bodies, auto trailers, contractor bodies and all types of tool boxes.

Alum-Line's market is so vast that almost anyone owning a truck or has something to haul is a potential customer. With their ability to customize, the product can be personalized to the customer's wants and needs.